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Services Provided

Brand Strategy, Website Design, Social Media Campaigns, Content Creation, Event Marketing, Digital Marketing, Paid Advertising

Empowering JuneteenthFTW: Celebrating Freedom with Impactful Marketing Solutions

Event Marketing:
For the month-long JuneteenthFTW events, Sweet Marc orchestrated comprehensive event marketing strategies, engaging audiences and driving attendance through targeted promotions and outreach efforts.

Digital Marketing:
Utilizing the power of digital platforms, we executed dynamic digital marketing campaigns to raise awareness and generate excitement for JuneteenthFTW, reaching a diverse audience online.

Paid Advertising (Radio and TV Ads):
Our team developed and deployed compelling radio and TV ads as part of JuneteenthFTW's paid advertising campaign, effectively broadcasting the message of freedom and unity across diverse media channels.

Content Creation (Commercials and Ads):
We created captivating commercials and ads that captured the essence of JuneteenthFTW, highlighting its significance and inviting communities to join in the celebration of freedom and cultural heritage.

Event Signage:
From vibrant banners to directional signage, our event signage solutions ensured seamless navigation and enhanced the overall experience for attendees at JuneteenthFTW events.

Billboard Design:
Our visually striking billboard designs commanded attention and communicated the spirit of JuneteenthFTW, showcasing the importance of commemorating this historic occasion.

Sponsorship Deck:
We crafted professional sponsorship decks to attract partners and sponsors for JuneteenthFTW, effectively conveying the value of supporting this meaningful initiative.

Marketing and Branding for Dr. Opal Lee:
As a driving force behind the Juneteenth campaign to make it a national holiday, we provided comprehensive marketing and branding support for Dr. Opal Lee, amplifying her message and advocating for national recognition of Juneteenth.

Social Media Management:
Managing social media channels for Dr. Opal Lee, JuneteenthFTW, and Unity Unlimited, we curated engaging content, fostered meaningful interactions, and amplified the voices advocating for Juneteenth, fostering unity and empowerment in the community.
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