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Antong Speaks

Services Provided

Website Design & Management, Marketing & Advertising, Brand Development, Graphic Design

Antong Speaks, a dynamic speaker, activist, author, and radio personality, brings powerful insights to critical societal issues like youth violence, criminal justice reform, and community empowerment. Sweet Marc was honored to support Antong Speaks in establishing a strong brand identity and message through services including website design & management, marketing & advertising, brand development, and graphic design. Together, we amplify his impactful voice and drive positive change in communities nationwide.

Website Design & Management:
We meticulously crafted a visually striking and user-friendly website for Antong Speaks, ensuring seamless navigation and accessibility to his powerful message. Our ongoing management ensures the website remains up-to-date and reflective of his evolving brand and mission.

Marketing & Advertising:
Through strategic marketing & advertising initiatives, we've elevated Antong Speaks' visibility and reach, amplifying his message to broader audiences and sparking meaningful engagement with his advocacy efforts. We also developed a captivating logo and created impactful visual assets including retractable banners, step and repeats, and table covers, ensuring consistency and professionalism across all marketing materials.

Brand Development:
Drawing on Antong Speaks' unique voice and vision, we developed a cohesive brand identity that authentically represents his values and resonates with his audience. From defining his brand personality to establishing key messaging, we've laid the foundation for a compelling and impactful presence.

Graphic Design:
From captivating visuals for social media to professional collateral for events and presentations, our graphic design services have brought Antong Speaks' brand to life. Each design element is carefully crafted to evoke emotion, inspire action, and strengthen his connection with his audience.
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